Beauty treatments at Posthotel Spa

Beauty from within and without

Come and discover our small beauty oasis that will help you forget your daily concerns.
Our wholesome philosophy is reflected in the carefully selected range of treatments and our product line "MARíAS" with natural cosmetics made by Piper, Salzburg.

MARíAS products are certified organic cosmetics, with an “Austria Bio Garantie” seal, an official quality seal from Austria’s largest certification authority.

Valuable natural substances are smoothly blended for a unique range of treatments and exclusive spa experience. Our professional beauty team will be pleased to advise you and develop a personal care plan for the best results.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. We will be pleased to accompany you.

Lifehotel guests can book their cosmetic treatment at the Posthotel Spa.

Beauty & Spa offers

MARíAS facial treatments

€ 88.00MARíAS "Clear" - 80 min

Purifying facial treatment
The ideal treatment to begin with. The skin is carefully cleansed of all impurities and toxins with an organic face mask with sandalwood and algae. The treatment includes a bio-energetic massage for head and face.


(80 Minutes)

€ 88.00MARíAS "Energy" - 80 min

Regenerating facial treatment
Fresh energy and vitality for your skin. High-quality ingredients from rose and natural hyaluronan strengthen the skin and give you a fresh, youthful appearance. The treatment includes a bio-energetic massage for head and face.

(80 Minutes)

€ 88.00MARíAS "Softness" - 80 min

Sensitive facial treatment
This treatment thoroughly moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin. Includes a bio-energetic massage for head and face.


(80 Minutes)

€ 53.0050 minutes to pamper you - 50 min

Individual facial skin care
This treatment is put together by the client with or without the help of the beautician depending on the season and what is currently available.


(50 Minutes)

€ 9.00Treatment for eyes and lips - 10 min

For a fresh and youthful look
Intensive care for the eyes and lips. Applied to the skin during the facial treatment.


(10 Minutes)

Body treatments

€ 55.00Algae peeling and wrap - 50 min

A 2-in-1 body treatment. A gentle peeling is combined together with a detoxifying body wrap. The algae extracts stimulate the blood circulation and have a detoxifying effect on the connective tissues.


(50 Minutes)

€ 35.00Fragrant peeling - 25 min

With cinnamon, coconut and vanilla
Gentle body peeling with organic cane sugar and essential oils that nourish and tighten the skin with vital minerals.


(25 Minutes)

€ 35.00Alpine salt peeling - 25 min

With nurturing almond oil
Natural and untreated mountain salt is mixed with Alpine herbs such as gentian, woodruff, and arnica, and blended with essential oils, almond oil, and fresh fragrances that will lend your skin a smooth silky touch and new vitality.


(25 Minutes)

€ 35.00Floating bed - 40 min

Relax weightlessly
Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness on a comfortably warm water bed. This treatment stretches and relaxes the spine, reduces pain in the joints and loosens the muscles and the entire body.


(40 Minutes)

€ 90.00Men Vital - strictly for men - 80 min

From top to toe
Relaxation and vitality for body and mind: facial cleansing, peeling and face care, followed by a special relaxing massage with “Bod Fit“ - a refreshing gel with native herbs. You will feel as good as new.


(80 Minutes)

Body wraps with a deep effect

€ 60.00Mare’s milk - 50 min

Well-being wrap
Let the precious and fragrant essences of jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, rose and vanilla surround you. The active ingredients of mare’s milk will nourish your skin with minerals and gamma linoleic acid. This treatment includes a relaxing massage of the head.


(50 Minutes)

€ 60.00Alpine herbs "Body Fit" - 50 min

Massage and wrap
Muscle relaxing body wrap with the energy of essential oils from Alpine herbs. This treatment includes a relaxing massage of the head.


(50 Minutes)

€ 55.00Tyrolean mineral oil wrap - 50 min

Nurtures and regenerates the skin
All the sea’s healing powers arer contained in the oil stone. The harmonious consistency and natural sulfur content in the mineral oil has a positive effect on the entire body, and soothes rheumatic disorders. This treatment includes a relaxing massage of the head.


(50 Minutes)

€ 55.00Lavender and healing earth wrap - 50 min

Relax and purify
Purifying and therapeutic body wrap that is used for rheumatism and tense muscles. This treatment includes a relaxing massage of the head.


(50 Minutes)

€ 50.00Anti cellulite bath - 20 min

Full body wrap
This treatment eliminates toxins and lymphatic liquid congestion from the connective tissues. Ivy, juniper, ginger, and lime oil confer an additional lifting effect on the connective tissues.


(20 Minutes)

Caracalla Bath

€ 35.00Energetic Massage Bath - 20 min

Gain fresh life energy
with essential oils of lemongrass and orange.


(20 Minutes)

€ 35.00Relax Massage Bath - 20 min

Relax and feel good
with essential oils of pine tree and juniper berries.


(20 Minutes)

€ 35.00Anti Cellulite - 20 min

Massage & bath
with essential oils of Ylang-Ylang and lemon.


(20 Minutes)

€ 45.00Mare’s Milk and Honey Bath - 40 min

Cleopatra‘s secret recipe
The treatment begins with a pleasant mare’s milk and soap massage and continues with a milk and honey bath – just like in Cleopatra’s times.


(40 Minutes)

€ 40.00Alpine Herbal Bath - 40 min

Alpine health
This bath stimulates the blood circulation and the immune system, strengthens the lungs and respiratory system as well as the body and mind.
Indulge while a deep feeling of well -being pervades you.


(40 Minutes)

€ 40.00"Balance your Body" - 50 min

Alkaline bath
Water and salt are fundamental to life. This bath has a decongesting, detoxifying and purifying effect while enhancing the circulation. A fine natural fragrance helps you to relax and feel good.


(50 Minutes)

€ 45.00Romantic Rose Bath - 40 min

For body and mind
Luxurious bath with a wonderful effect on the skin and senses! This rich bath begins with a rose-soap massage, before you are fully submerged in a fine rose-scented bath.


(40 Minutes)

Care for hands and feet

€ 39.00Manicure "Classic" - 40 min

Basic treatment
enjoy this careful treatment for beautiful hands and nails.


(40 Minutes)

€ 45.00MARíAS Special luxury manicure - 50 min

Feel good all around
a special luxury programme for hands and nails. Includes a handbath in warm coconut oil; cinnamon & coconut & vanilla sugar peeling, a hand massage and a very caring manicure.


(50 Minutes)

€ 43.00Pedicure "Classic" - 40 min

Basic treatment
after filing and cutting the nails we take care of any “problem zones"


(40 Minutes)

€ 65.00MARíAS luxury pedicure - 75 min

Feel good from top to toe
pamper your feet with this relaxing programme. After an intense pedicure with special attention to “problem zones” enjoy a foot peeling and a relaxing foot massage.


(75 Minutes)

€ 9.00Nail polish - 10 min

Precision and style
the nail polish is applied in a meticulous way with foundation and a protecting layer on top.


(10 Minutes)

Feel good packages especially for her

€ 130.00Dream and relax - 125 min

  • 50 minutes of being pampered
  • Facial care
  • Cinnamon, coconut and vanilla
  • Full body peeling
  • Full body massage

(125 Minutes)

€ 150.00"Body Fit" - 180 min

  • "Balance your Body" bath
  • Lymphdrainage for the entire body (90 minutes)
  • Lavender and healing earth wrap

(180 Minutes)

€ 210.00Beautiful from top to toe - 235 min

  • MARíAS "Energy" facial treatment
  • "La Stone" therapy
  • MARíAS luxurious pedicure

(235 Minutes)

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