Guided mountain bike tours in Serfaus

Search trails and mountain bike tours doesn´t take a question - this question does not arise in the Post Hotel & Life Hotel - The bike hotels in Serfaus.

Therefore, we have greatly improved our guided mountain tours.

 "Elite" Mountain Bike Holidays mean 6 guided mountain bike tours per week for 2 levels of the entire biking season.

Group A: 600 hm - 1000hm /30 - 50 km

Biking enjoyment is in the foreground. Of course, here in altitude must be overcome for it's trails without roots and boulders, large forest trails and panoramic views.

Group B: 1000 hm - 1400 hm / 40 - 60 km

Experiences on trails, Feeling Flow, views and even longer driveways and departures prepare mountain bike pure pleasure

Our guided mountain bike tours:

  • All tours depart from the hotel's in front of the door.
  • All tours of group A and B according to the driving technique of the participants a high proportion of single trail
  • The Cost of Bikeshuttle on long trips for less fittest mountain biker
  • Drive is in 2 performance groups from Sunday to Friday. In Forward every mountain biker will have fun
  • A good physical condition is a prerequisite, because in the mountains there is uphill and downhill. 600 hm on ine should each provide.
  • Guided mountain bike tours are not a bike race, we do often enough rest for photos and the views to enjoy.
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6-7 Nights
bookable: 23.12.2017 - 30.12.2017

from € 197.00 per person/night


family package smal - 1 child

2 adults and 1 child till 6 years

7 Nights
bookable: 16.12.2017 - 23.12.2017

from € 1,547.00 per family/room

Family package small

family package large + 2 children

2 adults and 2 children till 6 years

7 Nights
bookable: 16.12.2017 - 23.12.2017

from € 1,582.00 per family/room

Family package large
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